I guide organisations on their journey to being a sustainability-focused company. I work with strong leaders who are disciplined, tough and can hold both themselves and others to a high standard for results and impact.

Advisory Board Support

I sit on a number of advisory boards for individual clients and as an associate for some consulting firms. The objective of a company’s Sustainability Advisory Group is to help them make a step-change in their impact into supporting sustainability services. The following areas are levers I  utilise to help them achieve this goal: 

Strategic advisory: Advising on the organisation’s strategic direction and sustainability offering, providing input and QA on key client strategic plans and holding them to account on their plans
People & growth: Mentoring senior leadership and be a part of developing talent
Innovation: Being part of creating bold, innovative and game-changing opportunities and thought leadership
Representing the voice of clients: Bringing deep industry expertise and market insight to keep our customers’ needs at the heart of what we


A lot of my work focuses on helping company’s define their internal priorities and effectively incorporate ESG into all aspects of their company strategy. I provide insight, challenge, expertise and creative thinking to help clients envision, plan, execute and communicate ESG Strategies for their organisations, funds and projects. In doing so, I aim to drive performance, reduce risk, enhance transparency and enhance their reputation.

My focus is always to make things as simple as possible as ESG and Sustainability strategies can seem completely overwhelming at first. A lot of my first meetings start with understanding what an organisation wants to be known for, what is their purpose and build from there. Work could include designing an internal ESG vision, mission statement, and priorities, creating an ESG policy and implementation framework, constructing a customised ESG action plan to fit present and future goals, as well as defining ESG Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the ESG performance across the portfolio.


I have worked as a communications advisor and specialist for over 20 years and have gained strong insight by collaborating with key partners including NGO’s, fellow sustainability peers and commercial businesses, stimulating debate and collaboration around climate goals and commitments.

My approach to a communications strategy is  always to communicate authentically, be brave and transparent and of course no greenwashing. I have helped clients Identify opportunities for social and environmental action, create motivating messages and a clear case for change, build employee participation and turn policies into practice and most importantly help them stand out as a sustainability leader.


Clarasys: Advisory Board, Client Pitches, Marketing & Communications
Harmonic Ltd: ESG & Sustainability Strategy Design and Planning, ESG analysis tools and measurement
The Generator Project: Marketing & Communications, Client Pitches
West London Business Better Futures +: ESG & Sustainability Strategy Design and Planning, ESG Analysis tools and measurements consultation
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