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About Me

I’ve been lucky enough to work across many industries in really interesting and challenging parts of the world including, Australia, Asia and Europe and have always felt that the best way to understand what makes people tick, is to get involved in the community around you.

Immersing myself into the issues that are important to people provides unique insights and was how my journey into Sustainability began, whether it was understanding the links between water security and poverty or the challenges of good business versus demand such as with palm oil.

I truly believe that organisations need to acknowledge that their role is to serve others and to do so by improving well-being for everyone at all levels including their products, employees, future generations and of course the planet. Once a company really owns this responsibility they are able to agree on the core principles of a Net positive company. To achieve this we need strong leadership. There are going to be leadership qualities that will be forever needed such as discipline, toughness and holding people to high standards, strategic thinkers, curiosity, intelligence etc …this is never going to change.

But to be an effective Sustainability leader you are going to have to go further. The best leaders in this space are first and foremost good people, they are comfortable with themselves, have integrity and what they say and do are in sync.

My vision is to work with people to become the best organisations and leaders they can be, and in a positive way.

Frost ESG Branding and Website

It was important that the website and approach to the branding were aligned to the principles that I encourage my clients to follow.

The site was designed and built by Vujà Dé Creative Solutions – a creative sustainability consultancy that puts ESG values at the heart of their work, and is hosted by Kualo which is powered on 100% renewable energy.

“It was important to Hannah that the site felt professional and confident, but not corporate – and definitely not eco-looking! It needed to feel fresh, inspiring and unique, a place where people wanted to come to learn and engage in conversation.

The concept was to use soft, pastel colours inspired by some of her favourite artwork she had around the home, and inject life and beauty by using a mix of art and photography to compliment each of the four category colours. This way, I was able to incorporate a soft green – which is the colour people understand in relation to nature – but avoid the “eco” feeling that saturates the sustainability arena.

The logo is made up of three separate symbols, representing Environmental, Social and Governance. Each one of the symbols are used separately throughout the site and branding, as subtle visual cues – but the logo brings them together to emphasise that these issues need to be approached together, and not as separate entities if we are to realise the global and business ambitions that need to be achieved collectively.”

– Khandiz, Creative Sustainableist at Vujà Dé Creative Solutions


The irregular circular icon represents the planet, but also the circularity of nature.


This wavy icon represents society, and the unfairness and unjustness many suffer every day but also represents community by connecting the other ESG elements.


The arching shapes represent the encompassing mechanisms of good governance and unquestionable ethics we need in place to protect People and the Planet.
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